Online Audit Management and Reporting Tools

We have developed an automated solution that is designed to save many hours of work for compliance based Organisations relying on Audits and Process Checks to demonstrate compliance.

Our tool allows a number of functions to be completed quickly and simply with minimum effort.  The time released can be used for more productive and profitable endeavours.

Specifically our solution helps to:

  • Plan audits and process checks with just a few clicks
  • Quickly allocate audits and checks to specific sites, departments and shifts
  • Easily assign people to be responsible for those actions, with frequency of action
  • Eliminate the need to write audit reports, saving many hours of work
  • Allow immediate updating and communication of all audit plans
  • Publish audit reports and historic audit results within seconds.

Any actions arising from audits can be managed directly through the software;

  • Allocating actions to responsible people
  • Following up on action status
  • Automatically updating audit progress and status.

The solution also allows detailed reports of audit plans, plus graphical reports for task workload and issue resolution to be generated with live data on demand.

The solution now also has a detailed OHS Incident reporting module that allows:

  • Reporting of First Aid, Hazard Observations, Near Misses and Accidents
  • Incident Management, with detailed records, chain of events, corrective actions etc.
  • Instant graphical reporting of live data for incidents and OHS performance
  • Live and highly accurate KPI data, graphed for LTISR, LTIFR, TRIFR, injury type & cause etc...
  • All reports can be instantly adjusted for the whole of the organisation, specific work sites or specific departments in order to draw more insights.

There are also other features for:

  • Task management, reporting and graphing
  • Issue management, reporting and graphing
  • Risk management, reporting and graphing
  • Workload management.

There are also detailed instuctions included in the system to help you to get the most out of it.

The system is very competitively priced and will save you more time than it costs.  Call 1300 00 4428 (in Australia) to find out more!