Assisting Organisations to improve their efficiency and therefore their profits is something that is at the heart of our process driven approach.  This is a process that we undertake more with the discipline of an Engineer rather than the approach of a traditional Consultant.  We prefer to use an objective, data focussed methodology that removes ambiguity and emotion from the process so that we can focus on the required outcomes for the Organisation.

Generally, the areas in which we offer our specialised assistance and approach include the following areas detailed below.

Lean Manufacturing & Lean Business

Our solutions may include some or all of these specialist 'Lean Thinking' areas:

  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Voice of the Customer
  • 5S Implementation
  • Visual Performance Management
  • Enhancing Process Flow
  • Theory of Constraints & Constraint Management
  • Factory & Process Layout
  • Focussed Improvements / Kaizen Blitz
  • Set-up / Changeover Time Reduction
  • Short Interval Management (SIM) Meetings
  • Scrums & Daily Huddle Processes
  • Waste Reduction Exercises & Waste Hunts
  • Equipment Maintenance Programs
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Lean Office & Administration
  • Business Planning & Improvement
  • Supply Chain Management

We can also provide other accredited or non-accredited training as required to support the projects being undertaken.

ISO Management Systems

All of what we do is designed to comply with the requirements of the main ISO Management Systems.  This means that it is often a logical step to continue on to full certification when our work is complete.  If this is desired, you can be assured that all of our work will be compliant and there will be no need to review or modify any of our work to achieve this.  We are very experienced in this regard, with a 100% success rate in assisting our Clients to achieve certification at their first audit.

Change Management

Businesses survive and prosper because of the people that operate within them.  When changes are needed to be made, people may often resist these changes - for any number of reasons.

It is no coincidence that the strongest businesses are those that exhibit the greatest level of employee engagement and therefore are the businesses that experience the least resistance to change.  This propagates change that occurs at a greater rate than the competition, thereby building a competitive advantage.

We can facilitate specific, tailored programs to promote a structured engagement process that helps to overcome resistance to change and provide an improved competitive advantage.

 Additionally, our methods of introducing change are empathetic to the needs of the people that the system utilises.  This means we can typically engage people to a very high level, and this in turn generates better results and processes for the systems in question.

Everyone handles change in different ways.  By being empathetic to the needs of individuals, implementing appropriate support mechanisms and enforcing a solid communication channel, not only can we effect change through management, but we can make the changes sustainable as well.

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