The main Business activities for Proficiency.Online Pty Ltd (P.O) are generally described in various areas of this website and are generally focussed in the following stages of project engagement and deployment:

  • Strategy advice for value adding businesses, focussing on areas like exit strategies, business strategy, manufacturing capability strategic plans, service capability strategic plans etc.
  • Benchmarking services, to comprehensively research and highlight areas where Clients would be able to make improvements to their businesses, according to the strategic direction.
  • Engineering Consulting that then takes the strategic and benchmarking outputs as a source of priority direction for the high level process improvements required.
  • Training of all personnel in the business on what will become the 'new normal' to ensure that everyone sticks to the process.  We also offer a range of specialised accredited and non-accredited Engineering and Audit Training Courses to our Clients.
  • Sustaining the changes made to ensure that the benefits realised continue to be realised year on year.  This includes aligning our entire process with AS/NZS and ISO Management System Standards and assisting with the preparations for Certification of Management Systems, if required.

We have many Clients that we have helped through some or all of these phases of our approach, and have many testimonials available to relevant interested parties.